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Spend less time on numbers and more time building your dream.

You are an expert in your field, but somehow you're spending the majority of your time on management and paperwork instead of what you're really good at.

Balancing the books is something you know you have to do, so you burn the midnight oil and get it done.

As experts in our field, we can give that precious time back to you by delivering actionable and accurate bookkeeping.

Our job is to handle the bookkeeping.
Yours is to make your business or nonprofit successful.

Buckeye Bookkeeping

As a fellow small business, we value and understand how precious time can be.

Since 2006 Buckeye Bookkeeping Services has been helping small business owners and nonprofit organizations spend less time on numbers and more time on the tasks at hand.

As an expert in YOUR FIELD, your focus should be where your passion lies not diluting your time on paperwork and administrative tasks.

As an expert in OUR FIELD, BBS can streamline the accounting/bookkeeping tasks for you and free up your valuable time.

Our Mission is...

To provide small businesses with accounting services that allow them the ability to focus on the business they have a passion for and want to make successful.

  • Buckeye Bookkeeping Services (BBS) was established in 2006 by Melissa Mercer, President & Founder.
  • We are located in Delaware, Ohio and partner with over 60+ small business owners and not-for-profits through-out the central Ohio area.

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