Our Process

Handing over the books to someone else is a big deal. Trust is essential.

Our process is here to protect you (and us too!)

We take the time to understand your business so we can be proactive in our services, set realistic expectations, and ensure the reports we deliver are useful and informative.

Buckeye Bookkeeping Office
Buckeye Bookkeeping

1. Getting to know you

  • Where exactly do you need help that would give you the ability to grow your business or nonprofit? What can we take off your plate?
  • We find the right bookkeeping solution for you with a customized scope of work for each partner. You can do it, BBS can do it, or we can do it together!
Buckeye Bookkeeping

2. Transition meeting

  • Good relationships have realistic expectations that work for everyone involved. BBS defines the roles and responsibilities for both our team and yours.
  • To be proactive and efficient bookkeepers, understanding your business and meeting face-to-face (in person or video) which helps us offer optional deliverables and other ancillary services. We are better able to see how the business works and where we can be most effective.
Buckeye Bookkeeping

3. On-boarding Phase

  • We take the reigns and integrate you into our production, taking the time during the on-boarding process to make sure things are set up for success and establish a solid client relationship from the start.
  • BBS works hard to learn your business, integrate it into our work-flow and provide a seamless and efficient transition.
Buckeye Bookkeeping

4. Follow up and refinement

  • 60-90 days into the engagement we follow up and make sure all is going well.
  • We review the reporting packet, give you improvement recommendations, and incorporate requests or changes.
Buckeye Bookkeeping

5. Proactive bookkeeping

  • BBS saves our clients the time in providing statements and original documentation. We access your accounts and download as much information as we can to minimize your time investment.
  • We deliver timely and accurate financial information. Additionally, we work with our clients to answer questions and provide explanations to make sense of the numbers.
  • For nonprofit organizations we help create and implement a process for money flow, we are able to provide continuity as Board Members and Volunteers change over.

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